public health 

Our city and its residents continue to feel the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic in our everyday lives. We must listen to the experts and continue to actively address this public health crisis in a comprehensive, holistic manner, and we cannot continue to leave our neighbors behind in the process. 

Once elected to City Council, Hosanna's top priority will be getting the current public health crisis under control and making sure that our neighbors who are struggling financially due to the pandemic get the support they need. 

This means using common-sense policy solutions to help struggling businesses, particularly our bars and restaurants, recover and thrive by allowing establishments to reclaim outdoor spaces. 

We must streamline COVID aid and PPE to targeted communities including first responders, front line workers, seniors and other vulnerable communities. 

As the city receives additional federal COVID aid, Hosanna will fight to ensure that enough of those funds are allocated to helping renters and homeowners make payments.


housing + homelessness


It is important that we address our rising homelessness numbers before Dallas follows the path of other cities that are now dealing with unsustainable practices. Luckily, the most cost-effective and efficient solution to homelessness is simple: housing.

As a member of the Dallas City Council, Hosanna will pursue the creation of permanent supportive housing for our neighbors currently experiencing chronic homelessness and work to provide our unhoused neighbors with access to shelters, food and mental health resources. 

With the COVID-19 pandemic and ensuing economic crisis, Hosanna will also work to ensure that Dallasites facing evictions have legal counsel and work to allocate funding to rental and mortgage assistance. 

Together, we can address housing and homelessness needs in our city before we are faced with the crisis that cities across the country are already grappling with. It is always more cost-effective to deal with these issues today when the add-on costs are low rather than pushing it further down the road for future generations to deal with.

public safety


We currently allocate over 60% of our general budget to public safety in Dallas. That's over 800 million dollars. Yet, our city is on track to pass a ten-year record on homicides in 2020. 

It's time we reimagine public safety in Dallas and truly invest in crime reduction in our neighborhoods. We can no longer afford to do only what is most convenient: turn a blind eye to the root causes of crime that continue to overburden our neighborhoods and officers alike.

On City Council, Hosanna will fight for common-sense policies that decrease crime by investing into preventative measures such as environmental design, housing, jobs and mental health resources.  She will work closely with community partners and city agencies to identify opportunities to efficiently and properly address violence and crime— such as directing non-police work to the appropriate city departments so that every 911 call is answered and resolved safely while reducing the burden on officers in the process.

Together, we can prevent and reduce crime as well as demand accountability from our city. We must refuse the status quo solutions that got us here in the first place and truly make a robust investment into public safety.

Property taxes + Affordability


Dallas has seen incredible growth in the past decade and with every person that moves here, we see more demand for housing, transportation and jobs. It is integral that we build a Dallas that protects Dallasites that are already here while accommodating transplants. After all, more and more people are discovering what we already know: that Dallas can be a great place to live, work and raise a family.

But as Dallas grows, so does our need for affordability. Too many of our neighbors are being priced out of their homes because of rising rents and unsustainable property taxes. 

Once elected, Hosanna will fight for property tax relief as a vital and necessary component of the city's housing policy. She will also fight for sustainable and affordable development in the district so that we can add to the value of our district, attract small business growth, and prevent displacement. 

District 11 can be a role model for the city when it comes to affordability. All we need is the political will to ensure that Dallas is a city for Dallasites, not luxury development that continues to  push out our neighbors and adds to the city's rising homelessness numbers.

Infrastructure + Transportation


As our city continues to grow, so does our need for efficient public transportation. Studies have proven that increasing public transportation access leads to more efficient cities, sustainable development, property tax relief, and affordability. We must pursue creative solutions to meet the challenges posed by our transportation needs head-on without missing opportunities to make broader investments in our communities. 

On Council, Hosanna will fight for heavy investments in our streets and infrastructure, including bike lanes, sidewalks, and urban planning which prioritizes walkability. She will also be a strong advocate for increasing public transportation within the city core, which has not gotten its fair share of investment as DART services continue to expand outward into the metroplex.

We know we can have a city that is safe and encourages connection between our neighborhoods. Hosanna will fight for comprehensive plans that prioritize the bread and butter of our city rather than the wasteful big ticket projects that do not add value to our neighborhoods.

community budgeting


City Hall's decisions on our budget directly affect every Dallasite. It is important that residents have the power and ability to make active decisions in how our taxpayer money is being spent and that every resident should be empowered with enough information to make those decisions. 

On Council, Hosanna will work to create a participatory budgeting process that will allow every District 11 resident the opportunity to have a direct say in how our tax money is being spent in our district.  She will prioritize neighborhood led initiatives and will work with community members to get input on budgetary decisions.


Climate change poses a vital threat to all Dallasites. As a member of the Dallas City Council, Hosanna will work to push innovative and neighborhood led sustainability measures that will increase the livability of our City and center sustainable practices as an integral part of all city wide comprehensive plans going forward.

Hosanna will work to invest heavily into public transportation and green infrastructure including complete green streets, urban green spaces and dedicated bus routes that will ease traffic. She will demand accountability from the city and our partners to ensure that we do not experience another Shingle Mountain or any other polluting practices that pose a threat to our community’s health, and will work to ensure that the City is meeting the necessary requirements within its climate action plan to transition to a fully green economy that will bring along good jobs and increase the value of our neighborhoods.